Art Print Repeat was formed as I rekindled my interest in traditionally-created art. I have a career in healthcare, and with a young family (I’m not that young, but my family is), I lost the habit of making art by hand. I’ve always made a little time for creating art digitally, designing my business cards, my kids’ birthday party invitations, and our yearly Christmas card, but I wanted the challenge of working without an “undo button.” Early in 2017, I decided to intentionally carve out a bit of time each week or two to paint or print. I experimented with gelatin printing and really enjoyed the planning, the process, and the happy accidents. Most of the art pieces featured here are gelatin print monotypes (each is one of a kind). In addition to gelatin printing, I am also developing some block printing ideas and skills and prototyping some cut paper projects.

I still create art digitally, and you can go to Gumbo Gator to learn more.