Hey, there!

At Art Print Repeat I create one of a kind gelatin print monotypes.

Each print is pulled by hand, one at a time, in my studio (uh, well, at our dining room table).

The shop will open soon (ish)!

In the mean time, if you see a piece here on my site or over on my Instagram feed that interests you, please contact me to get more information.

Check out Gumbo Gator to look at a Christmas themed limited edition poster print that I have available.

Recent Works

I post a new piece of art almost daily on Instagram.


Pop on over to @ArtPrintRepeat on Instagram, if you’d like to follow along over there!


Art Print Repeat was formed as I rekindled my interest in traditionally-created art. I have a career in healthcare, and with a young family (I’m not that young, but my family is), I lost the habit of making art by hand. I’ve always made a little time for creating art digitally, designing my business cards, my kids’ birthday party invitations, and our yearly Christmas card, but I wanted the challenge of working without an “undo button.” Early in 2017, I decided to intentionally carve out a bit of time each week or two to paint or print. I experimented with gelatin printing and really enjoyed the planning, the process, and the happy accidents. Most of the art pieces featured here are gelatin print monotypes (each is one of a kind). In addition to gelatin printing, I am also developing some block printing ideas and skills and prototyping some cut paper projects.

I still create art digitally, and you can go to Gumbo Gator to learn more.

If you’re still reading, you might as well go over here and read a little bit more about me.

Since most folks are unfamiliar with gelatin printing, I’ve put together a tiny little overview of my process.

Contact Me

Have a question about my art? Want to know more about a particular print? Have a Star Wars or He-Man trivia dilemma? Want to give me and my family unlimited access to your beach house? Let me know!


If you don’t like using automated forms, you can send me an email at:    AtYourService(at)ArtPrintRepeat(dot)com