Hey, hey, hey!

I’m Aaron Ward. By day, I’m a busy pediatrician, but after work, and in between holding hands with my wife and playing “sword fight tea party” with my daughter and son, I try to make some art. I’m not creating art with clandestine meaning, with political overtones, or with devil-may-care snark. However, I do my best to make art that is aesthetically interesting and emotionally engaging (someone got a thesaurus for Fathers’ Day), that is to say “art that is nice to look at.” Basically, I make art that I’d hang on a wall in my house.

I took art classes in high school, enjoyed a European Art study tour in college, and contemplated graduate work in Art History, but all of that took a back seat to Science as I studied to become a physician. I love my job working with kids and their grown-ups, but I’m glad I have the opportunity to create art as an avocation.

I know I was born in Texas, raised in Arkansas, and have spent the best parts of my adult life so far in Tennessee. I know that Jesus is even better than a warm madeleine fresh from the oven on your birthday. I know my wife really is my better half. I know that spending just a few minutes with my children is better than any prescription anti-depressant. I know that Han shot first.

Have a look around, and see if there is anything I made that you’d like to hang on a wall in your house.


Aaron commandeers a speeder bike to aid the Rebellion.